How A Wife Should Treat Her Husband

Opinions swirl on the way a wife should treat her husband. Genuinely navigating a marriage to withstand the test of time so it can classify as a success is tough. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a year or 50. 

Each person needs to approach the other selflessly with the common goal of consistently encouraging, strengthening, and motivating the other person. 

You will find this is spiritually an expectation. Religion and spirituality are unique for all couples worldwide, but it is a components in a partnership that will impact a relationship based on specific beliefs. 

What is common for each religion is the “content” universally speaks explicitly to each person about how a husband and wife should interact in their marriage and what their roles should be. 

There are different interpretations for each religion in the varied regions as to what the wife’s role should be and how she should treat her husband. 

In each culture, however, you will likely find that the wife needs to show her husband unconditional love, honor her husband, respect him, and appreciate his position.

These legitimately should be the guidelines that women follow to a degree when attempting to strengthen their marriage and achieve ultimate success. We’ll share a few “selfless” traits that can contribute to this end.

How is a wife supposed to treat a husband?

Marriages are not always roses and sunshine. There are ups and downs, as you’ll see overall in life itself. When a woman experiences a whirlwind of happiness with her spouse and hopes that it will continue, there’s but one question to ask. 

Still, this is the same inquiry when things are quickly disintegrating, and you need to catch the partnership before it falls. 

As a selfless woman, ask yourself what you can do for your husband, putting your own emotions, fears, and worries away. How can you treat him that will make the marriage stronger and ultimately lead to its success? 

Spiritually we’re all given guidance on how to treat our spouses and the roles we need to play. These are simple rules that stem from respect, honor, and kindness. Let’s look at a few other traits a woman can extend that expand on these general guidelines.

Give respect to your partner

Respect doesn’t mean following a man blindly with each decision but instead placing trust in his promises to be the life partner he offered himself as. 

Further, treat him in the same way as you wish to be treated. That will mean taking into consideration his thoughts and feelings before acting on any impulse, communicating as partners through any situation, and working together through life’s challenges as partners. 

Respect is an appreciation of who he is and a desire to help him be the best version of himself in an effort to accomplish his goals, desires, and dreams. That doesn’t mean changing him, encouraging and motivating what lives within him.

Physical touching

That isn’t implying sex. Although sex is a critical component of a successful marriage, physical intimacy is as well. That means simply reaching out and taking your spouse’s hand without a thought or a word. 

That speaks “I love you” and shows affection. As far as deepening a connection, tough is intense. It can be choosing to sit close to him on the couch.

A man generally doesn’t express their feelings or emotions openly or vulnerably, making it seem like they don’t necessarily want or need any sort of contact or affection. 

Sometimes, they might not even recognize the need until they receive the attention. Watch the response after trying a few episodes of touch, like maybe swiping his back. Take advantage of the fact this is your mate, and no one else has the advantage of his affection.

Take the burdens away from him

In a marriage, you’re a team. There’s no longer a solo effort. Each person has a new best friend, a life partner, the person who will be your forever roommate, all yours. 

A husband will not always be the strong one carrying the load. Sometimes there will be periods when he has hardship and needs someone to lean on.

A woman needs to recognize these moments and become the strong one, take over the lead. When he is experiencing weaknesses, it will be up to you to take the struggles so he can recover. 

Sharing love languages is important

The suggestion is there are five love languages. In order for couples to establish the best connection, each needs to learn the other one’s love language, so you know how to love them satisfactorily. 

Each of you will have a different language, so while you might like it when your husband brings you small gestures of his love, he might not enjoy the same efforts because he sees love from a different perspective. 

You just need to pay attention when he gets excited – what caused it? How can you make him feel special or make him smile? If you have difficulty understanding, ask. That’s how communicating with your partner works.

I love him for who he is

Many times women want their spouse to make some “improvements,” especially after the wedding and as the marriage progresses. He’s not a cookie-cutter kind of guy. 

He’s very much an “outside-the-box” thinker, boisterous, gregarious, and often a bit much when in a crowd. But he hasn’t swayed from the person you fell in love with while you were dating and becoming engaged.

What you need to recognize is life is going to change him soon enough. He will be given many trials and tribulations that will mature, strengthen, and maybe harden him a bit. 

As time goes by, he will adapt as life exposes him to new challenges and experiences and grow more than you could ever expect from him. 

But when you’re newly married, it’s vital that women accept their love for who they are now and continue to fall in love with the man through each transition.

Do you treat strangers like that

Sometimes a husband gets the “raw end of your behavior.” You’ve had a bad day or are under exceptional stress, and your man is the one that gets the emotional, aggressive, negative attitude and mistreatment. 

That’s really unfair and isn’t the way a new marriage or any marital relationship should work.

When you see your husband, even if you are angry with him, the first thing that should enter your mind before you open your mouth is considering how you would treat a stranger in the same scenario.

It seems that with people we don’t know, we’re generally more respectful, considerate, and less emotional than we are with those we love. We constrain our emotions and hold back from being disrespectful. Why don’t we do that with the men we love?

If you know you’re about to become irrational, disrespectful, or emotional, let your spouse know you need to step away from the situation for a few minutes to get your thoughts together. 

Take that time to consider treating him better than you would a stranger and see how it turns out when you go back in to have the conversation.

Spirituality is sometimes what you need to get through the tough times

Not all people are spiritual or religious. Some people don’t participate in religion. All people throughout the world have access to their specific religion and spirituality and can choose what they join with, what they believe, and what they want to incorporate into their marriages. 

Maybe only one of you chooses to bring spirituality into the couplehood. In any event, there are times that being there is not enough; affection doesn’t suffice, and taking the struggles isn’t helping. In those moments, you might need to reach for your faith. 

It’s not a time to give up. It’s not the time to call the marriage off or walk away. These are the times you buckle down, become stronger, and hold tighter. Sometimes the only way to do that is to reach out for your faith to guide you. 

Whether your husband participates in your spirituality with you or he doesn’t, don’t nag him, don’t argue, find your way to your faith, and practice in the way that brings you comfort and peace. Your husband will find his way. He just needs a little extra time and some space.


In every culture, women’s roles toward their spouses are unique. Here in America, every household is different. Many women in the modern world find their position as vital, confident, independent, and viable people. 

Speaking as a wife, I appreciate, respect, honor, and love my husband very much regardless of my position in life. I do much for him because he is physically unable, but before that happened, he and I shared all the responsibilities. 

I am of the mindset; however, when he is weak, I will be strong, and vice versa. That’s how a wife should treat her husband.

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