How To Make Your Wife Feel Loved And Appreciated

When you want to make a partner feel appreciated or special, you don’t need an outrageous or lavish expression to do so. It’s so much grander when you look for slight, subtle ways to recognize even the smallest effort. 

You’ll find the radiance in marriage in even the most minute detail. Those are often predictable things that mates do for each other to maintain the spark, romance, and love.

A simple piping hot cup of coffee for a sleeping mate to awaken to might seem commonplace in many marriages. But it speaks volumes for the wife being spoiled by her partner, no matter if it has occurred so many times before. It’s not just a simple cup of coffee. It represents his caring, nurturing, and respect.

There doesn’t even need to be a gesture, a gift, or plans; there can simply be a look across the room when you’re each involved in different activities, catching a glance or a stare when you haven’t been paying attention. 

It says everything you need to know without a single word uttered. You can then return to your work with contentment in your heart because you know your husband finds you attractive and loves you. 

There are so many ways you can sweep a woman off her feet. Do you know how to ensure your wife feels your love and appreciation? Let’s go over a few hints to help you out.

How do I make my wife feel loved again?

It’s genuinely crucial that each mate in a partnership feel as though they’re cherished, respected, and appreciated. Sometimes partners get confused over how to convey feelings and emotions. 

Often the idea is that you should shower the other person with lavish gifts, especially during holidays, milestones, or special occasions, and let them do the talking for you.

These gestures don’t leave a lasting impression or make a memory in most cases. As a rule, they go in a drawer or closet until there’s another occasion to bring them back out. And if there’s not one, the item tends to be forgotten over time.

In reality, the things that make wives feel most loved and appreciated aren’t things but more so thoughts, gestures, and ideas that remind them of how special they are to their partner. 

They leave a snapshot in their memory, a stamp on their heart. It could be a ticket stub from an amusement ride where you shared an anniversary kiss or the parking garage receipt a wife got from traveling to your office where you asked her to join you only to surprise her with a lunchtime birthday party in her honor. How else can you make your wife feel loved and appreciated? Let’s learn.

“I love you”

After being together for some time, people naturally and progressively stop saying those three words, feeling they have lost meaning or the novelty fades. The only way that can happen is if you allow it. 

It’s all in the ways you say the words and, of course, who says them that gives the meaning or lacks definition. If you’re running out the door late in the morning screaming the words trailing behind you. There’s no real heart in that; it’s something you have to say because you do before you leave every day.

Better, when you’re running late, is not to let that hinder you from stopping the rushing; take your wife by the shoulders and look into her eyes when you very intentionally let her know that you love her. That will not only emit the feeling but will likely send a shiver or two along with it.

Leave prose

Gratitude and appreciation can quickly be overridden by moments of taking our loved ones for granted. We must let our mates know that every effort is recognized and means a great deal.

An excellent way to express how valued someone is is through the written word. Shakespeare, many of us are not, but his words of love are inspiring to say the very least. Finding your own voice and a mirror write musings to your wife expressing your love and gratitude, and do so each day. Maybe you can use her lipstick or even a sticky note.

These don’t have to be passages. But one line that she can look forward to each day, a love note, if you will, that brings her joy and excitement. She’ll feel like she did when your love was new, sharing how romantic her mate is with friends and family.

“Thank you”

Wives take on much responsibility and often do so without complaining and make the effort appear seamless. That can include the family, household management, a career, self-care, and juggling everything as if it were simple.

Everyone often stands back and lets her handle business because she does it more efficiently, faster, and without hassle, meaning she does most of the work. As a rule, most partners admire the strength and capability their significant other has when carrying herself through all the obstacles. 

A primary method for showing her the appreciation she deserves is doling out the most meaningful “thank you.” That might not seem enough, but it’s gigantic for the woman receiving it. 

It denotes respect, gratitude, and love. It says to a wife that what she’s doing is recognized. But not only is someone paying attention, they’re impressed by her efforts and so grateful to have her.

Intentional affection

Affection is an integral part of being in love with another person. It’s easy to give someone a simple peck when you’re headed out the door or a quick hug hello when you rush in at the end of the day. 

But when you slow down your thought process and become intentional with your affection, it becomes more meaningful for you and your spouse.

Instead of grabbing a quick peck when you run out in the morning, get up a few minutes early so you can actually take your wife’s face in your hands and hold her gaze for a few minutes before sharing a goodbye kiss that will say to her that you will miss her while you’re away. 

The kiss should linger on her lips for a few seconds. It’s not like you’re going to have a makeout session; it’s sensuality, something she’ll remember until you return home.

It’s no different with hugs, touches, and even holding hands. These moments should be special and intentional. The moment should last in order to carry meaning and become memorable for the other person instead of being a split second and gotta go.

Everyone loves a compliment

Again, time can play havoc on compliments in a relationship. Partners can stop taking notice when there’s a change, whether it be a haircut or a new outfit, and that can work both ways. 

Perhaps as the years pass, the body changes, and it doesn’t always make a wife feel confident or self-assured.

Make a concerted effort to notice when there are changes and comment on these. Compliment your wife often, which should in no way require effort. She should be sexy and amazing to you at every stage. 

When and if her body goes through changes, explain why you love her for who she is. Letting her know the reasons will help her believe you’re not merely just saying that. Instead, she will feel extraordinarily loved and appreciated for the woman she is and your partner.

You just know

Two people who love and appreciate each other have a language that doesn’t require words. They often know what the other is thinking with merely a look and can finish each other’s sentences when there’s a conversation. 

In a relationship like that, a smirk or a gesture can let the other person know how genuinely loved they are when in a room full of people, and no one else will have a clue they’re sharing a moment. 

That’s authentic, genuine love. If a wife can peek at her husband and he can give her a look that speaks to her in this way, she will feel adored and appreciated without him needing to do another thing.

While time might be less than favorable in some respects, only time can allow this kind of communication between two genuinely in tune partners.


A partner can express love and appreciation to their mate in many different ways, whether producing a lavish gift, extending a small gesture, or making romantic plans. 

The way to leave a lasting impression in a wife’s memory and in her heart is to make her feel the love and appreciation by showing her in your words, actions, expressions, body language, and with affection. 

She carries these things with her all day, every day, instead of sticking them in a closet or drawer for a special occasion.

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