15 Signs A Woman Is Trying To Steal Your Husband

Often friends or colleagues can develop infatuations or feelings toward men. Whether these gentlemen are married isn’t usually a consideration. The guys are sometimes aware of the flirting that’s occurring because it’s relatively blatant. 

The ego boost it gives them can have the potential to lead to either an emotional exchange or a full-blown physical affair if not stopped at the start. Infidelity is almost always based on someone showing a bit of interest or compliments that are then encouraged. 

It would make sense why a spouse would be concerned if someone sparked an interest in their husband. But how do you know what you’re seeing is a woman genuinely flirting in an attempt to try to steal your husband or, if you imagine things? Let’s look at the signs.

How to tell if another woman is pursuing my husband

Sometimes attraction develops when two people spend time together, whether in a friendship or as colleagues on the job. Whether either is married is often not a consideration since people usually consider what they do as harmless flirting. 

But it can begin to cross the line as the man’s ego becomes stroked, and the woman is encouraged to pursue him a bit further. As the spouse, you start to notice these signs that the woman is likely attempting to steal your husband.

Top 15 signs

  • 1. The woman texts or calls when it’s inappropriate

At moments when no person should be calling someone’s spouse, the woman is reaching out to your husband by text or mobile despite knowing he has a partner. 

It could be during dinner or maybe in the middle of the night, perhaps early morning hours, or even on the weekend. If it’s a work colleague, none of the times will warrant a work emergency. 

Pay attention to who is calling and how often. If it’s the same person and frequently, there is more than likely a motive.

  • 2. The individual is seductive

If this is a work colleague, she is probably dressing in tighter-fitting or less-than-appropriate attire in the workplace. She’s maybe skimpily dressed if she’s a mutual friend and probably moves her body in a strut to show off in front of the man and isn’t afraid to do so while you’re around.

  • 3. There is never a shortage of stroking his ego
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When having conversations, you’ll notice that the flattery for your husband is endless. Either the way he dresses or the fact that he’s an incredible conversationalist. 

The agenda is usually obvious since most men enjoy compliments, being made to feel as though they hung the moon. Usually, the person who can do that for them starts to hold a special place.

  • 4. She monopolizes his attention regardless if you’re in the room

When there’s an event or social gathering, the woman centers all her attention on the man regardless of others’ attempts to interact with her, including you. 

She dismisses people attempting to make small talk. No one can distract her, nor does she want him to be distracted from her, not even you.

  • 5. You receive poor treatment from this person

You’re the man’s spouse, and the woman views you as the person in the way of the two of them being able to see one another. She will intend to purposely ignore you or dismiss the fact that you exist when there’s a work event or a social gathering when your husband attempts to introduce you.

  • 6. She might be exceptionally kind

In that same vein, the lady could decide to be incredibly nice and complimentary to you, overly so, with the intention of finding out whatever she can about your spouse. Because you think she’s being kind, you share stories.

  • 7. Mimicking you might be the ideal way to get the guy’s attention

When she pays attention to how you wear your hair, the clothes you wear, and the sorts of activities you enjoy, the individual believes he can start to emulate your behavior in an effort to be the sort of person to attract the man. 

When he begins to take notice, she decides to do things a bit better or somewhat differently to appear as a better version of you.

  • 8. The person offers unsolicited advice

Whether the gentleman is complaining or has a simple conversation off the cuff, the woman takes it upon herself to offer unsolicited advice about what he should do concerning his marriage. 

She can also make snide comments, perhaps if she’s a colleague, along the lines of “if I were your wife, you would leave home with a nice lunch or maybe dressed better.” She’s hoping to show you as doing a poor job in your role, but she would do so much better.

  • 9. This lady can’t stop touching your man
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It’s unavoidably evident that this woman can’t keep her hands to herself whenever your husband is around. She has to touch him when having a conversation, giggling, or brushing her body along his. 

These intentional movements are meant to make him comfortable in her presence and pay attention when she’s around.

  • 10. Whenever there’s a task that needs to be handled, your guy gets a call

You start to wonder where this woman’s family and friends are since each time she needs help; she calls your spouse to come to the rescue regardless of the time of day. She’s probably got plenty of people to call; she just doesn’t want to.

  • 11. Flirting is shameless with this individual

It doesn’t matter whether you’re present or not; the woman is always shamelessly flirting and making sexual innuendos. He has to shrug these off when you’re around, but what does he do when it’s just the two of them?

  • 12. She comes to your house when she knows he’ll be there

The person is a friend of yours but only comes over when she knows your man will be there. You cannot get her to come often when it’s only the two of you. When you invite her to come by, the first question is always an inquiry about your spouse. And when she comes by, she visits with him more so than you.

  • 13. The friend has advice for you that she hopes he’ll hear

Your friend decides to give you marital advice hoping your husband will hear while visiting. She lets you know what you’re doing wrong and the things that might work out better, that is, if she were the one in your position. 

She figures that hearing this will make him look at her from a different perspective.

  • 14. In any marital arguments in her presence, the woman sides with your spouse

In that same vein, if there’s ever an argument when she’s around, the individual will invariably side with your husband and explain why you’re wrong. This will make him feel that the two of them have more in common and that they think about things similarly where you are out of sync.

  • 15. The texts and messages are usually suggestive
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If you happen to come across any texts or messages sent to your spouse from this person, these are usually sexually suggestive. The idea is to get him to see her sexually, to start to notice or pay attention to her from a different frame of mind.

Suppose you hear them on the mobile and he seems uneasy, or the communication sounds suggestive. In that case, you’ll know the individual is attempting to involve him in an affair or perhaps try to steal him altogether.

Final thought

A confident, secure woman is attractive to a man. That’s the image a husband wants when he looks at his wife. When you don’t react emotionally to the other woman despite her brazen attempts to steal your husband, you’re the bigger person, and your spouse will appreciate that. 

Plus, it speaks to him the level of trust and faith you have in his loyalty and commitment to you. No one wants to give someone else power over their relationship, and reacting to their poor behavior usually comes back to make you look worse. These sorts of people know that and tend to count on that.

Your husband’s response to the behavior is the primary thing to be concerned with. If he’s attempting to put a stop to it, it can’t grow out of hand, but if he’s enjoying the ego boost, he will likely encourage it. That will give her cause to push harder. Save your reactions for your husband depending on how he responds to the advances.

Finally, take a look at your relationship. If the other woman has any effect, even the slightest, look at what might be lacking in the marriage. Then work to make improvements in those areas where someone might be less than satisfied.

If she’s capturing his attention with compliments, maybe try to appreciate him more. Ideally, the two of you will communicate through the issues to see where each of you can work to keep the partnership moving in a positive direction.

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