Changing and-hiding your phone number with free apps

How to Change and Hide your Phone Number with Free Apps

There are many ways to get a free app that changes your phone number. But not all the tools work well when it comes to quality. So, in this guide, we came up with a list of the best phone burner apps and technologies to call anonymously and send text messages without even showing your actual … Read this

Cost to fix or replace a broken smartphone touchscreen

Cost of Fixing or Replacing a Broken Smartphone’s Touchscreen

What price are you willing to pay as a cost for fixing or replacing a broken smartphone touch screen when the undesired happens? It’s always exciting owning a smartphone of any type, especially the very sleek, fanciful smartphones with a more prominent touchscreen. But wait till you drop one, and you go, ‘OMG,’ wishing and … Read this

Unblock YouTube videos with country restrictions

How to Unblock YouTube Videos and Bypass Country Restrictions

Want to unblock YouTube videos in your country? And you got messages from YouTube that the uploader made a restriction to watch the Videos? So, read the complete guide. We’ll show you how to bypass the country’s restrictions on YouTube and watch videos, series, and movies from your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop. In addition, … Read this

Gaming dangers for kids with safety tips

Kids and Gaming: Dangers, Safety, and What Parents Can Do to Protect Them

Over the past years, the gaming scene has changed drastically. Now, video games’ popularity is not limited to a certain age group. The advanced technology and stunning, realistic effects have changed the game. In 2020, the global gaming market was valued at $173.7 billion. It is also expected to reach $314.4 billion by 2026. People … Read this

Random people add me on Snapchat and follow me on Instagram

Random People Add You On Snapchat And Follow You On Instagram?

Among the social media applications with image-sharing capabilities, Snapchat and Instagram seem to be the most favored among the populace. The purpose for each is comparative; the user has the opportunity to create videos and pictures of a higher quality level and share these on the platforms in either a public capacity or maintain privacy.  … Read this