When a guy secretly takes a picture of you

What Does It Mean When A Guy Secretly Takes A Picture Of You

Nowadays, smartphones make capturing a moment on camera simple today. These can also create cause for alarm depending on where the lens is aimed. When you notice a guy secretly taking a picture of you, whether someone familiar like a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a stranger, there is awkwardness and a sense of being perplexed. It … Read this

What can someone do with your phone number and email

What Can Someone Do With Your Phone Number and Email?

Nowadays, we use our phone numbers and emails to access our personal information. That starts from our bank account, social security number, doctor appointment, identity confirmation, to social media accounts. In short, our phone number is the key to all our life security. But have you ever wondered what happens if your phone number falls … Read this

Why would a man hide his relationship

Why Would A Man Hide His Relationship on Social Media and Real Life?

Are you dating a guy that keeps hiding your relationship on Facebook, Instagram, and in front of others? Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend would hide his relationship and instead, he never show you love publicly or introduce you to his friends and folks? Does he always delete anything you post on his social … Read this