Privacy Policy Statement for Tekping

This is the privacy policy statement for”, “tekping”, “we”, “our website”. Please read it if you want to know how we use cookies and what’s the importance of this page for users who care about privacy.


When the user adds a comment or replies to one, we save its IP address as any other website in the database, so, the next time you comment, we already know you and that’s better for the security of the site and for you.

Contact form

When you want to contact us, the contact forms, save your email address, your name, and your IP, so, that we know with whom we talk and we save these details securely. So, no one knows them.


Tekping uses cookies to enhance the user experience and serve web browsers better, in these cookies, there are small files that we use to tell the web browser to save a copy of that page’s static asset. Next time, you visit the site or you load another page, you get a fast loading time and a better user experience


Tekping uses Google analytics to see from where visitors are coming and how much time they stay on the site, these statistics help us in evaluating our content and make it better in combination with other things like the site speed, design, layout, and user experience.

Our goal here is to offer the best user experience based on what we analyzed in Google analytics. We don’t save personal details about you, we just know your IP that’s changed randomly between ISP and mobile network users.

How we protect your data

Tekping takes your online privacy seriously, we never share your details with any, when you comment we keep your address IP secret and we use Google Analytics to improve the user experience. You’re totally free to accept or reject the usage of cookies in your web browser, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. We only use these cookies and data to understand our site usage and help users get better experience reading and using the site.

We don’t sell your data or share it with anyone, in addition when we store data, it’s like the type of web browser you used to access the site, the IP, and others without being personally collecting them. So, we don’t know you and the data is only used for improving the site usage, speed, and layout. If you have any questions about this policy and privacy, please get in touch using the Tekping contact page.