Search Tools by Name, Number, Email or Username

The estimated number of total websites worldwide is one billion and a half (1.5 B). And according to the latest stats, only 13.3% of these sites are active. This means there are millions of sites expiring, and the information on them will be gone. But the good news is that many advanced search tools collect the data from these sites, blogs, social media, etc…So, whenever you need information about someone, his email, phone number, home address, or other details, you can use the following tools that work.

People search tools with the best features

1. BeenVerified (Search by name, username or email)

Launched in 2007, this is one of the best tools to search for data and contact information about almost anyone, search for information, and use it on a daily basis. That makes searching for people’s social media profiles and getting cell numbers, email addresses, and where they live on the Map is a matter of a few minutes of search or so, depending on the search entry.

Data that may be available in each search report

Details in the search report
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Emails
  • Hidden and public accounts on websites, blogs, etc…
  • Other contact details
  • Neighbors
  • The person’s relatives and associates
  • Bankruptcies
  • Photos if available
  • Home addresses (old and current ones if available) and even more…

To access these details, you can use the following search options:

First and last name, email address, username, cell number, or property address.

You can search for phone numbers like this example:

Phone numbers
Also, you may try searching for someone’s social accounts, like the following example.
Social accounts in the report

If there is any email found, you may see it in the search report.


The search on the site is confidential and encrypted by SSL certificate and server-level systems. So, no one knows you searched for him. Moreover, the privacy of users is taken seriously, and because this is a premium quality background search service, you can discover data that is not available on Google or other search engines. And even if you search for that data manually, you’ll need months to search it.

2. NumberGuru (search by phone numbers)

To start searching for people’s details through their mobile phone numbers, use this highly recommended tool. It brings the power of advanced database scanning, so you get most of the details you need about people, such as their possible social accounts, numbers, emails, etc…

What can you use the search tools for?

  • You can search for your own information and see what others can search and know about you
  • You can search your friends’ phone numbers when you’re not able to get them directly or search for them on Google and other search engines
  • Reconnecting with your old friends, family members, or almost anyone you met should be fast when you search for their contact details in one report.
  • Your Facebook or Instagram list of friends may be too long, and when you need to search for who someone is for real, his full name or username can tell you the history, such as social accounts, etc…
  • People are using dating websites to search for serious relationships (good ones only), and searching if that guy or girl is not another fake profile can be done by searching for his username, email, or other information that’s available on his accounts, like contact numbers and nicknames.
  • You can search if someone has one social media profile. But also, users can search if a person they know has multiple Facebook profiles or other accounts on Instagram, Snapchat, or similar social media sites.
  • By just using people’s names, you can search their email addresses or cell numbers
  • If you have doubts about someone you know, you can search his details and know who they are without masks.
  • If you want to move to another house or property and search if that area is safe or not, you can just search the exact street address and get the score, neighbors, etc…
  • The Ancestry search helps you to search names, and family members of your grandparents and see from what Ancestry you’re coming from or search for others also.

As an online people search algorithm, users need to use the correct information to get the right reports. For that, double-check the username you want to search. If you’re not sure about the email address, for example, just copy and paste it and not guess it. It may show you someone else’s report, as a result, you may get another person’s details and not the one you searched for. That being said, the system can search almost all the data you requested if you typed correctly the entry in the search box.

Being a premium member of the site, you get background search, which costs nearly $23 and comes with one-month access or nearly $44.5 for a three-month subscription and other features. All that provides up-to-date information, easy-to-use search tools, a modern member area, and of course, customer support.

Being a member of a trusted people search platform, everyone gets an accurate background search, quick phone search, better reverse email search, and secure ways to search for people online.