Chances of finding love after 30

Chances Of Finding Love After 30

When pondering the chances of finding love after 30, some people equate the dating age to reminiscent of becoming a teenager. You’re not the cute, cuddly little kid everyone wants to hug and buy things. But you’re not the young adult people are growing to respect. The 30s are that awkward stage.  Dating overall is … Read this

Why is he avoiding eye contact all of a sudden

Why Is He Avoiding Eye Contact All Of A Sudden?

When someone you love tries to avoid you by eye contact or in other ways, that could mean lots of things. No matter if that person is your hand, wife, or boyfriend, there are some hints to look for to encrypt that body language in your relationship. Body language is a form of communication no … Read this

Do guys get jealous when other guys look at you

Do Guys Get Jealous When Other Guys Look At You?

Stop wondering if your guy gets jealous when other men look at you. Everyone is guilty of a little jealousy now and then. When it becomes controlling or borders on possessiveness is the point it becomes toxic and a genuine problem. If you were to really think about it, there are probably moments when the … Read this