Why do second marriages fail?

Why Do Second Marriages Fail?

No one can confidently say why anyone’s second marriage might fail or even a first or third. Numerous things can cause the breakdown of a partnership.  The statistics are staggering, suggesting that of all first marriages, over half will end in divorce (this is speaking in the United States). Second marriages fall in with a … Read this

Signs a woman is trying to steal your husband

15 Signs A Woman Is Trying To Steal Your Husband

Often friends or colleagues can develop infatuations or feelings toward men. Whether these gentlemen are married isn’t usually a consideration. The guys are sometimes aware of the flirting that’s occurring because it’s relatively blatant.  The ego boost it gives them can have the potential to lead to either an emotional exchange or a full-blown physical … Read this

Why do I miss my toxic ex?

Why Do you Miss your Toxic Ex?

It’s not abnormal for a person to miss a toxic ex-partner. It’s never easy to separate from an individual you once cared for. The problem when letting go of an unhealthy partnership, why it can be somewhat more challenging aside from the usual upset that comes with a breakup, is the baggage it leaves behind. … Read this