How to heal from a toxic relationship

How To Heal From A Toxic Relationship

After investing much time and energy into a relationship throughout what many couples deem the honeymoon phase, only to have a partner reveal themself to be toxic is devastating.  In one breath, you want to try to make a go of it because you spent so much time cultivating a familiarity and comfortability that was … Read this

What to do when your boyfriend accuses you of cheating

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Accuses You Of Cheating

When someone accuses you of something you didn’t do, the first instinct is to become emotional, angry, and want to lash out in defense of yourself.  That typically doesn’t make a situation better when a boyfriend is accusing you of cheating. It can often make things worse, leading them to believe you’re becoming defensive because … Read this

How a wife should treat her husband

How A Wife Should Treat Her Husband

Opinions swirl on the way a wife should treat her husband. Genuinely navigating a marriage to withstand the test of time so it can classify as a success is tough. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a year or 50.  Each person needs to approach the other selflessly with the common goal of … Read this