How to Find Someone by Picture Online

How to find someone with a picture? And can you really see the person’s social accounts, phone numbers, and other personal details online? And what can you do to check if the photos that someone is using online are real or fake?

When it comes to finding a missing person or identifying someone through his photo and finding his name, email and other details is not as hard as many expect. There are many ways to find the truth on the Internet. But using the right search tools is the real secret.

Some software or sites work with limitations and others show you who the guy or the woman is, even with their social media profiles and location. Now, follow these tips, and use the following ways I tested and verified.

In the first section of this guide, you’ll learn how to get the name and contact details of anybody by using his/her picture. And in the second section, you’ll find how to tell if someone’s photos are real or fake (copied, enhanced, and edited), no matter if they posted them on social media or other sites.

How to search for someone using their photo

Before learning how to find someone by picture, take your time saving the photos you want to search through. That’s because if you have a low-quality image, it won’t be that easy to trace the person behind it.

Also, make sure you save that picture and look for other similar files. Who knows you may have downloaded the photos that that person used online. And if you have more photos to search by, chances are going to be higher.

If you want to search for a specific person, or if you want to find who someone is by a picture, then Google search is powerful and fast at the same time. Unlike other sites, users don’t have to spend hours looking for people who used their photos without permission. It all starts by uploading the photos, then see the search result page and click on them one by one.

To find the source of an image, make sure you upload it exactly as it is. Don’t crop or modify it, that way, Google’s face recognition search can compare the file to others and tell you where it’s.

If you think that someone else used your Facebook photos on his profile, use Google. But this time, look at the results of Facebook only, you’ll find them.

Here is how to find someone with a picture on Google. First, visit the official site on your desktop and not your smartphone. There is no option to use Google images on mobile phones in many cases. Then, click on the camera icons.

Google photo search

Next, upload the picture from your local computer.

Uploading a picture to Google

By the way, there are no ways to determine who uses your photos on Facebook directly. So, even if you find apps calming that, stay away from them. It’s not easy for simple tools to scan the whole web and find photos. That needs a lot of server resources, algorithms, and other technologies to compare pictures and find duplicate ones.

To get the name of a person using his photo, start by uploading the file to Google or the next site. Then, see if you can find the results. After that, take note of the first or last name and see the other pages. If you find different people, add them to the search, and finally, use Google or other search engines to find all their accounts on social media with personal details.

2. Advanced reverse image lookup

Social Catfish is a people search engine that specializes in finding the most difficult details. But there is a way to find someone from a picture, and you can upload that file instantly. Then, allow the site to scan billions of public records in the US and show you any possible person behind that photo.

There are other similar sites that let users search for a person by photo, but they just don’t work. Most of the other online sites show annoying advertising. And so, by uploading someone’s picture into their servers, you’ll waste your time looking for the details that will never come in. Instead, use this advanced people finder tool by picture and save your effort.

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Here is one example of social profiles found by searching for someone by picture with this tool.

Social media accounts found by picture

And this is what you can get as details about the person through a picture or by other ways.

Some details

When searching through photos, the user may have access to the person’s details. That may include any secret social media, dating accounts, the date of birth, and more.

Remember that in order to find someone’s name from a picture, you can take note of any number or email the tool finds. After that, use that username or contact details in a new search.

Finally, when you reverse lookup that information, you may get the real name of that unknown person. And all that started from one of the pictures. The main idea here is don’t stop in one single search. You can do another search and find more data about that man or female.

This is a well-known reverse image search engine that anyone can use to find where a photo was published on the web. All you have to do is upload the file to the TinEye website and see all the sites where that picture was shared or posted.

The best thing about this site for facial recognition search is that it shows you all the pages in a clear list. So, you can click on the right link and see the photos. Besides, the tool finds pictures posted on social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others.

Of course, it tells you if the picture has already been posted on blogs, Wikipedia, or anywhere on the Internet. Moreover, the face recognition algorithm works well, and its accuracy is higher than other tools when it comes to searching for someone even if you met them once through their photos.

In addition to that, there are sophisticated algorithms that can easily find modified pictures. So, to identify someone in a photo, upload it wholly or just use a portion of it. The algorithm can focus on a specific headshot of the picture when there are many individuals. Then, it can find that exact person on the Internet and show you where that file is located, like a blog, Facebook profile, etc…

When you have a good person finder tool by their picture, you should be able to trace people on the Internet faster. But don’t skip the step of verifying that the photo you search through is the real one of them. Many users on social media use fake photos, and you can distinguish between them like below.

4. Post the picture online and get help from others

This is the last chance if you find no details on the person you looked for by picture. Some groups on Facebook post pictures of individuals who are missing. And if you think that you have a friend or a family member who is missing, then, post about him. Add a description about who that person is and upload the picture and possible locations or cities.

That way Facebook group members can do the search and help you locate that person. Other people may be able to check if that person is using dating sites, social media, or have a blog.

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Now, when there is a need to find people with a picture, always come back to that Facebook group and check your inbox daily. Also, you can post about them on Craigslist. It’s a popular classified website in the United States where you can let others know about a missing person and recognize him by picture.

5. Can you hire a private detective?

This is not always the best way to search for someone by picture if you can do that useful. But when you find no results and this is an urgent need, then, why not look for a private investigator online?

This search specialist service can solve the problem, an expert investigator can search for the person you look for online and show you the details.

A private detective is someone who is trained to find information and get details about anybody. So, these guys have the right experience to do their job the professional way. And many of these investigators are previous or retired federal agents who know what to do in the most difficult scenarios.

There are many occasions in which detectives were able to find someone on Facebook using a picture. But that may take days or even months to search. That’s because people could use fake names on Facebook, and they use different techniques to hide their real identities. So, if you think that someone is trying to scam you on dating sites or social media, then, give his picture to one of these detectives. 

Next, tell them what you need to know and they may help a lot. For example, you can identify Snapchat users, and Facebook scammers and also detect fake profiles on other sites.

That being said, be careful with bad guys who pretend to be detectives when they’re scammers. My advice is to look for federal-approved investigators. These are the good guys you can get help from. They should be certified, approved, and have insurance to do their job. Also, if you should hire someone to find you a person through a picture, make sure you meet with them in person. You don’t need to waste your time.

How to tell if someone’s photo is fake or real

Lots of people, especially those who use dating websites like POF and others use fake pictures. They do that to make their profiles look attractive and interesting. But in reality, you can easily check if these photos are real or just someone else’s pictures by using Google in the first place. Second, use other photo recognition search engines. Now, let’s talk about the main things that tell you that what you see is not his or her real photo.

They have so beautiful pictures (perfect)

Most people have small spots on their faces, they can be traces of an old ACNE or others. So, it’s so hard to find a person without any trace on his skin, and that’s totally natural. On the other hand, if you find a dating account with perfect photos, then, be sure at 99% it’s a fake person or even a robot.

Plenty Of Fish, for example, is a dating platform that bans thousands of fake users. And in fact, they’re robots or scammers. So be careful when you find that suspicious lady or guy. They may look so pretty and that’s all fake.

Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are two of the most powerful tools for photo editing and tweaking. Thus, it might take a few minutes to clear someone’s face on a picture and make it look perfect. That’s what happens and you need to be aware of all that, not every photo is real. Thus, if you search using a picture, you can spot a fake account on Instagram or Facebook.

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There are so many search results

When you search for anyone’s photo and you find lots of results on Google, that’s a sign of popularity. And so, the person behind the picture is well known and not the one you found on a dating site. However, on Facebook, that’s considered Okay, if the profile itself is real and represents one person. Using a dating website to find love is not for celebrities. They already have thousands of followers and lovers.

In this case, you can’t just identify a person from a photo. But you’ll have to spend more time searching. When someone uses the same picture across all of their accounts on Snapchat, TikTok, Facebook, and Tinder, it’s not that easy to know who that guy is.

They use lots of car pictures

This happens especially with lots of men’s photos. They use editing software or someone else’s pictures to make themselves look rich, that’s how they attract girls. If you see any of these images on social media, then, try a fast search on Google or Bing. Then, you’ll find the real person behind it, he or she’ll be a celebrity or someone from many advertising networks.

Supercars like Ferrari and others are real ways to attract females who look for that rich man. But unfortunately, the result will not always be good all the time. In fact, many scammers use that strategy, even on Facebook and So be careful and don’t just be attracted to that profile because of cars.

They show expensive accessories and clothes

This is similar to identifying a fake social media user by their car photos. If you find a guy or female with lots of accessories that are expensive, including Gold, Platinum, and jewelry, then, it’s a sign of a scam. And she uses another girl’s photo without her permission of course.

The photo is not homogenous

Because using a picture alone is not going to be attractive for many, many social media users play with the photo lighting, contrast, background, etc… to make it look real. But if you look closer, you may detect that the area on the photo where the face and body of the person melt with the background is not good. However, if it’s a real person’s photo, everything as lightning and contrast will be homogenous.

Just imagine a guy who takes a photoshoot in a studio. Then, because these people are professional photographers, they’ll adjust every single setting and make the picture look amazing and clean.

The same thing works for photos that are taken in front of popular places in the world that travelers like and share a lot. So, if you combine a headshot with someone else’s background, the mix will not be homogenous, and you can find the difference by zooming in on the picture.


Now, you have the right tools and search tips on how to find someone by a picture. That way, you can search for old friends, colleagues or people you used to know. But also, it’s useful to spot fake accounts on social networks and save you time from bad guys.

We all use photos, but when it comes to privacy and personal details, it’s always recommended to search for yourself online and see if someone copied your picture that may include family members. At the same time, dealing with fake photos on social media and dating websites may be hard. But if you follow the above steps, you’ll find results and check the real ones.

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