Cell Phone Signs your Husband is Cheating On You

Can you find out if your husband is cheating on you through his cell phone? And how to tell if the married man is using the mobile phone to cheat on hookup sites and meet girls online?

Do you have doubts that your husband is having secret affairs, but you have no proof? Do you feel he’s hiding something or apps on the phone, but you keep denying it? Have you noticed changes in his calling and texting habits, and you’re wondering what’s happening? In this article, we will help you to identify an unfaithful spouse’s routine on his mobile phone. So here are the telltale signs.

Cell phone signs of a cheating husband

If you want to find telltale signs that your husband is cheating, carefully watch him and follow the following tips and tricks. But don’t assume your man is cheating on you through his cell phone unless you’re 100% sure. So, verify his actions, and look at his body language when using the phone. Then, compare them with the following signs.

1. The spouse is always on the phone

One of the strongest signs of your husband cheating on you is his sudden strong attachment to his cell phone. Whenever you talk to him, you’ll see him browsing pictures, swiping dating profiles, or checking other girls on Instagram and Facebook without you noticing. 

Also, you may notice that he never lets go of his cell phone. So, the guy spends a lot of time talking, texting, networking, or whatever activity that has to do with phones.

If that happens a lot, he might be secretly talking to someone he found on hookup sites or social networks. Now, by identifying the number your husband is talking to or texting, you can find girls behind.

There is no reason for a married man to talk to specific numbers daily without adding them to the contact list. Or, the man will use weird words or letters to save those numbers on his phone. That’s for sure a way to hide other girls’ numbers and text them when you’re away.

2. Your husband takes his phone wherever he goes

This happens if you notice that your husband no longer leaves his phone around you. So, he’ll do his best to hide things from you. As a result, he’ll take his mobile phone with him wherever he goes.

Thus, the man takes his smartphone to the bathroom, the kitchen, the kids’ room, or even the bathroom. But he never leaves it near you. Here, I can confirm that he’s hiding something serious from you.

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There could be pictures of another woman, numbers, or other details on his mobile. The guy doesn’t want you to discover the secret affair on his phone. In case you find pictures, you can find the person behind them. Also, when you see contact details, you can verify those numbers and check who’s the real person behind them.

3. The guy hides his phone

This is the strongest proof of a cheating spouse. You can tell that if your partner used to throw his phone anywhere and everywhere. But now, he starts leaving it in the pocket of his sweater. Or every time he steps inside the house, he hides the phone in his bag or sticks it anywhere that you can’t reach it.

That’s another freaking sign the guy is playing around, and as it’s said, he who does nothing fears nothing. Also, you could be hiding a secondary phone somewhere in the house. That’s another way to stay in touch with his secret mistress, if there is any, of course.

So, your husband may be hiding secret affairs on his mobile phone because he started acting differently. In addition, when the wife notices significant changes in her husband’s phone usage, there could be hidden affairs on the man’s device.

4. He changes his phone password

That’s a cliché, but it’s true. Your spouse has surely had an affair and hides that through a cell phone call or texting. Therefore, if you have no more access to your husband’s phone password suddenly, then he’s hiding things. So, your husband will even change his social media passwords and doesn’t login anymore when you’re around. But instead, he reads his messages and emails when he’s alone.

5. The man refuses to give you his social media passwords

Most married and truly in love couples don’t hide anything from each other. They do trust one another, so it’s normal to know each other’s phone and applications’ passwords. Therefore, if that’s the case with you and your husband. But lately, he changed his passwords on Facebook and other apps; then, you have to be really worried.

Add to that, the married man acts aggressively whenever you ask him about the new passwords. And he looks confused and alert. There’s no need to explain; it’s as clear as sunlight that he’s trying to hide huge trouble on his smartphone. Another woman’s number, photos, or inappropriate text messages with girls he used to hook up with.

6. He always clears his call list, texts, and email history

This is one of the common routines of a cheater on his cell phone. If you find your husband’s call list history, texts, and browser cleared daily, he’s cheating on you. That’s because why would a married man delete his iPhone history if he’s not hiding a secret from his wife?

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That being said, always remember that many people prefer using the Internet and surfing websites anonymously. So, they enable the incognito mode just to avoid tracking and annoying ads. In other words, it’s not always a sign of hiding an affair if someone used to browse websites privately.

7. You catch your husband whispering on the phone

This is another thing that can tell if your guy is hiding an affair over the phone. It happens when you notice that your spouse whispers a lot on the phone and tries to keep his voice down as possible. Then, you caught him doing so many times, and as soon as you walk in, he either hangs up immediately or just pretends to have an imaginary conversation with a friend or a coworker.

In this case, there’s no more proof than whispering to know that something is not right. He could be cheating with a female coworker on the phone.

8. When you’re out, he keeps looking at his phone

So many couples go out to have fun and to have more time together. But if your partner keeps playing with and looking at his phone, then something is not right going on here. Because first of all, this shows a lack of respect and, more importantly, that he doesn’t care about you as a wife at all.

Besides, whenever you open a conversation, your husband answers your questions with a one-word response. Add to that, the moment your husband takes his phone with him to the bathroom, be one hundred percent sure that he’s talking with another girl.

9. Change in the bedtime habit

Commonly, couples with different work shifts may not have the same bedtime schedule. But, what’s abnormal is that if you already sleep at the same time and your beloved husband starts to come late to bed as often as possible. For him, this is the best time to talk peacefully to his mistress over the phone or through messaging apps.

10. He talks often on the phone outside your house

If you saw your husband talking over the phone in front of your house a couple of times, then it’s ok. But if that becomes a habit, then you should be alert. He won’t be talking outside if he doesn’t want you to hear his conversation and find out about his secret love affair. 

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Moreover, many guys hide small phones somewhere in the garage, the car, or in secret places to hide other phones they use for cheating. So, take a look and see if there is any hidden mobile phone in your house.

11. Your partner is hiding something on his phone

Whenever you ask your husband who he’s texting or calling, he might stutter and start telling blatant lies. So, his facial changes will confirm your suspicions that he’s having a secret affair over his cell phone.

The guy’s face, for instance, will turn red, then he will be sweating. After that, his voice will be shaky, or he will just keep silent as he will not have anything to say. These are just some simple body language signs that a married guy is hiding a secret affair on his phone.

If you notice any of these signs, then your husband is for sure hiding something on his cell phone. But you don’t have to guess what he hides; it’s a secret mistress, girlfriend, or another girl from hookup sites. If you check his phone when he’s not around, you probably find inappropriate text messages, pictures, and conversations with a secret girlfriend.

Men who cheat on their wives use some dating and hookup sites and apps, including Tinder, Bumble, Ashley Madison, and even more. So, once you see any of these apps on your husband’s smartphone, he’s probably cheating on you. These are hookup apps that cheaters only use behind the back of their spouses.

12. He likes most of a specific woman’s posts on social media

This is an undeniable sign your husband is cheating on you over the phone. That’s because he’s addicted to social media first, and second, he looks attracted to other women on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever app they use.

This can happen if the guy is following a particular woman on Facebook. So, he becomes fully active on her timeline, commenting and reacting to her pictures and posts. Then, the spouse spends most of his time glued to his phone. That can tell you for sure that he’s interested in her and who knows if they exchange texts over WhatsApp or any other texting app.


Now you have an idea of the signs of a cheating husband through his mobile phone. On the whole, men are often very obvious and basic in their behavior. Thus, follow these signs, and you’ll find out the truth if he’s cheating on you over the phone or not. I hope these tips will help you, and remember to always follow your guts.

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