How to Search Someone you Met Once

Wondering about the best way to search for someone you met once? Searching for someone online or in real-time with whom you have had a long time relationship goes with a lot of searching. But locating a person you only met once might appear evasive and require a lot more from you.

So many reasons would make searching for a person you only met once truly important to the point of becoming a nagging issue. Maybe the circumstance through which you met the person, how brief and promising the occasion was or how abruptly it all ended; sometimes without even a goodbye hug, kiss or handshake.

I tested different options and tools, and the only one that worked well is BeenVerified. It lets you search for almost all the details you need about people

Whatever the condition when you meet your one-moment friend or acquaintance the fact still remains that you just won’t give up till you get another chance at a meeting. Now, let’s explore some suggestions or ideas on how to search for someone you met just once. It’s time for the reunion!

Searching people you met once but don’t know their name

Does it sound impossible? I mean how does one go about locating a person you possibly don’t even know their name or full name, let alone their email, telephone number, Instagram, Facebook, contact address, and more?

But to say the least, yeah, it’s so possible to locate a person you met once and possibly did not have the chance to get to exchange names or any other details. But I must tell you, it’s quite tricky and hazy because it all depends on a lot of factors as you would get to discover as we go on.

You have so many options to explore in trying to locate someone you met only once.

Craigslist missed connections

You can start by trying out Craigslist’s Missed Connections in locating a person you just met once even without a name. Craigslist as of the end of 2017 had over 53.06 million internet users in a single month with over 50 billion page views.

To use Craigslist; go to ‘Personals’, where you have “Missed Connections”  to do a search for the person. You could advertise looking for the persons and stating how you met and describe other details that could help for easy recognition. Now, if the person resides in the United States the chances become a lot higher since over 95% of Craigslist users come from the US.

Also, remember to be on the lookout for a response. It’s also possible the person makes a post as well depending on the circumstance of the meeting.

Searching somebody when you only know their names

You can adopt several strategies to locate a person you have only met once but have their name. Places to search include:

Advanced people search tools

I don’t know if you already have any idea about these amazing people search tools or not. But anyway, it’s a type of sophisticated algorithm and powerful database that combines billions of details in one place.

The best one of these options is BeenVerified, it’s what worked for others searching for their old friend, missed connections, and lost people. What you need is the person’s name, even the first name can help. So, start by typing in the name, and filter the search by country, state, or other options. Then, you may search for the exact person you want to know with social media links, phone numbers, addresses, etc…

Social media networks

The use of social networking sites still remains one of the fastest and most reliable places to go when trying to locate a person you met even if it is five minutes ago. The chances of finding such a person are high considering the social nature of humanity and the need to communicate.

The number of social media users as of the third quarter of 2018 worldwide ranks up to 2.34 billion people while 77% of United States residents make use of one social media platform or the other. Now, that should give you a fair idea of how slightly easy it should be trying to locate any person via a social media network.

Facebook has a figure of 2.23 billion globally and 164.13 million US subscribers. Also, Instagram has a figure of 813 and 111.54 million subscribers globally and in the US respectively. Facebook Messenger has 1.3 billion globally and 105.91 million subscribers in the US.

Additionally, YouTube and WhatsApp have 1.5 billion users globally and so the figure keeps running in hundreds of millions.

Simply conducting a search with a person’s name will help you locate that mystery person. When you type the full name into the Facebook search bar, for instance, it should bring out the list of persons or posts with similar names on Facebook.

If nothing comes up you can conduct the same search on other social network sites. You can also search or join groups the person might belong to and see what pops up. Also, try to narrow down your search to the state or locality you met the person if that would help.

Search engines

Search engines also can give you some useful tips or information about the person you seek. Since you do not know so much about the person you just met but need to find the person.

It is very possible the person has a good online presence, maybe a store online, a blog or website, belongs to a professional body, has one or two or more social network accounts, etc. If you get this much luck then a:

  • Google search, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines such as the following options and many other sites that help you reach out to your one-time friend.
  • Yelp

Finding a person you met once and know their profession

So, you met someone, you liked the girl or the boy, and you forgot to get the phone number or even the name behind it. Or let’s say, she or he told you about a fake name, so it’s not easy to find that person again. However, if you already know the person’s job, then you have other useful search options to find him.

Professional pages

Most professional bodies have official sites and social network pages. And for most professionals, they belong to professional bodies. So to make it easier to find a person you just met, make use of their professional network or sites to conduct a search on them.

Social networks for professionals

Professional network sites can help you find a person you met once if you know their profession. For instance, LinkedIn provides a unique source for locating a professional online.

Once you know the person’s name and profession you can conduct a search on LinkedIn to see what you can come up with. LinkedIn as of 2016 had over 467 million subscribers which rose to over 500 million subscribers as of the third quarter of 2017.

A lot of professionals worldwide understand the importance of LinkedIn in helping to advance their professional careers, seek employment, get noticed and take a career leap. So to conduct a search using a person’s profession has a high possibility of yielding a positive result.

Getting offline help

Have you also given thought to try offline to locate someone you met once? If you actually met the person offline at a specific location going back to such a location might probably be helpful. Except if it is a public place or an event center with throngs of people coming in daily.

Some organizations might have records of visitors to their location. Speaking with the manager at such a location might give you a head start towards locating that person.

On how to find someone you just met once the list cannot be exhausted so fast. There are multiple sources to check including public records, armed forces records, and more. But it would take consistency and a continuous search to come up with a relevant search at last.

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