How to Search for Someone’s Posts on Facebook

Facebook lets everyone search people’s posts and find what they said about a specific term or name. Many of us don’t even know about these features, so there is much confusion. So, today, I’ll show you how to search Facebook posts by friends, groups, pages, or a specific person in easy steps. That works well for finding social media details about people you know or maybe friends and partners.

Understanding the Facebook posts search system

Searching Facebook posts and finding the exact comments that someone has made is a waste of time without using the search filter. So, you definitely should modify the Facebook search filter and find what you really look for in a few moments.

Here is a screenshot I created with the most important filter. When you choose the source, things will be easier to find.

Facebook Search People's Posts
Searing People’s Posts on Facebook

To start the search, type in the Facebook box something you might be searching for, that can be a name, brand, or other.

Facebook search come with different payments or filters, and so, these are all the options:

Search Facebook posts from:

  • Anyone: By selecting this option, Facebook will scan the full database of posts from everyone in their system. So, this is only useful if you’re looking for posts from all the users.
  • You: If you have a long list of posts on Facebook, and you want to find an exact post, then, use this option. But if you want to find the exact post fast, you can add the date field.
  • Your Friends: If the user wants to know what his friends on Facebook are posting about a specific word or name, then, this is a good way to filter all the results.
  • Your Groups and Pages: Like its name, this option lets users find what groups and pages they’re participating in or liked are posting. But Facebook is not good in terms of search algorithms, and it might not return the right results and the list of posts will be very long, that’s why using the other search filters is highly recommended.
  • Public: When choosing this search filter, Facebook will find all posts that are public and that means everyone can find them outside the Facebook website or app. Thus, if you search Google for these posts, you can find them if they’re indexed of course.
  • Choose a Source: This is the best way to find a specific friend’s Facebook posts, however, make sure you type his name and verify that you’re using the correct profile. In many cases, the names might be similar and by clicking the wrong account name, you get posts from someone else and not the person you looked for.

I think this is a powerful search feature that can save time and help a lot, imagine that someone saw a post on Facebook last week, for example, about flooding, earthquake, or whatever. Now, he is looking for that specific post because he has the answer or wants to participate.

So, by typing the keyword he remembers, like “flooding” and the city, he gets all the posts about that keyword. Next, when the person adds friends as a way to refine the posts, he’ll get all the posts containing that defined query.

All these search filters can be useful, but I think the most important one of them is the last, Facebook chooses a source filter that lets us find the exact user’s posts, and even better, there is an option to display these posts by date.

Tip: Keep in mind that Facebook offers these search filters after adding a word to find, so, start by guessing what the person posted and then, adjust the filter.

Search for someone’s posts

Sometimes, people might need to find something on Facebook, but they end up reading unrelated posts from everyone. That’s because Facebook is showing the results based on your activity, feed, and what you share with others, and more like the page you’ve followed, and groups you posted on.

Facebook search is also based on general community activity, which means what people are posting about at that specific time, and what attracts more interactions, etc…
To fix that issue, you can adapt the search filter based on your needs, and adding the location will make the results closer and more accurate. So, don’t hesitate to add more filets if you’re looking for a post on Facebook and you don’t remember who made them.

If you know how to publish a post and you just want to find it, then, why not visit the person’s timeline directly and see if you can find that publication there.

Another Tip: Because Facebook is not a powerful search engine like Google, it might be a good decision to try Google search instead if you find no posts. There is an advanced search system with Google. You can try it, add the person’s name or username on Facebook, then, add a few filters like website (add, location, date, etc…

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