How to Find Who your Neighbor is and Tell if he is a Good or Bad Person?

When someone who is new comes to your area and buys a house, apartment, or other types of property, you may want to know who that neighbor is. It’s not just for curiosity, but many new neighbors are not good when others are the best people you need to know, that’s why, In this guide, I’ll show you how to know more about a stranger that moved recently to a new house near or next to you, so, you tell if he’s a criminal or a good person.

Ways to find out if a neighborhood is safe or not

Now, here is another important tip to know before starting, if you want to buy a new home, make sure you investigate more about your neighbors and find if it’s a good place to move to or not. Don’t be surprised later to find that what you paid for to get that building or land is not worth it because of the neighborhood’s bad background.

Introduce yourself in the right way

When you move to a new house, It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to your neighbors and have a conversation with them. The majority won’t say no, they also want to learn more about you and what you’re doing, so, it’s all about knowing each other and building trust, that’s how people can make new connections and have the best neighbors, so, when they need help, they find the right person.

What many people don’t even take into consideration is that others may not expect, or even want to be bothered, that’s why searching for who these neighbors are in reality is a good way to know for real if you should talk to them or not.

If you can offer a gift that you think is good to build better relationships with a neighbor, then that will be a good sign of trust and goodwill. They’ll remember that and know you even more. There are many good stories that started with such gifts to say hello to someone who comes to live next to someone else’s house.

See who your neighbors are (name, contact, etc…)

Many online tools allow you to identify anyone even a new neighbor, using his home address, so, you don’t have to ask him directly, all you have to do is visit this¬†background search tool, then, enter the street address of that neighbor, and finally obtain a detailed report with details about his real name, age, contact phone numbers, etc…

That way, you get almost all the information you need to see if that person is good or not, keep in mind that in the majority of searches, you’ll find lots of data that may surprise you, like social media profiles, email addresses, associates and people with whom that person communicates with. All that data is public and some are not, so, the advanced tools get that using sophisticated algorithms that use websites, Facebook, and more.

For those who live in buildings, it won’t be easy to find who that apartment belongs to without using the exact address. I mean, don’t just type the street address of the building, but add the floor number, apartment number or code, etc… That can help in getting accurate reports with up-to-date information.

Invite them for dinner

Don’t hesitate to invite your new neighbor to have dinner, but be careful, don’t do this if you don’t do a minimum investigation, the last thing you need is to invite someone who has a bad past to your house.

But if you have already met with him or her, and you found that person a good one, then, having dinner will be a great occasion to introduce yourself better. Next, it will be easier to exchange phone numbers and then, you may use that contact detail as another search option to find the real identity of that person using Google, social media sites, or a dedicated tool for phone lookup.

Ask others about him

This is not always the best option, but if you find no way to identify the new neighbor and see their name or even contact details, then others can help. Look for neighbors who are living there for a long time and ask them if they already have an idea about that family, and the key here is to be careful as not all what people say is correct.

Ask a few neighbors and see what they have as an impression about him or her, then, make your own conclusion. Some people are secretive and they don’t want others to know about them in any detail. But if you don’t have an idea, there is a chance that someone else may have already contacted that family and met one of their members.

Crime reports in your neighborhood are not accurate

Here is a tip: don’t count on what’s called neighborhood crime statistics by ZIP code or city, that’s good just as a stat but not for everyone’s use. Here is why, imagine if the crime rate in that city is very low, that’s a good sign to move there, buy a house, and stay safe. But you don’t know if your closest neighbor is a criminal or not, and people buy a new house and move.

So, a house that’s good today may not be safe a few weeks later. That’s why it’s always recommended to find your new neighbor’s name, contact details, and background report if you have doubts.

Online neighborhood safety tools give just a rate for a limited area, and that does not provide a conclusion that a low rating means a safer place, just watch and see every single detail you can find. Even if it’s possible, ask the local police office for details and they can help and tell you if you’re in a safe place/neighborhood or not.

Dealing with renting properties

Unlike an owned property that’s easy to know its real owner, when looking for a house that people rent, you’ll find lots of issues, especially when the new tenant comes and the other one leaves. In this case, I recommend using Facebook to see if the tenant mentioned that street address on his profile, thus, you know the real identity of that neighbor faster.

Of course, that may not work all the time, but it works for many. Also, use Google and even Maps and see if there is any mention of that exact home address.

In my opinion, dealing with bad neighbors that rent properties won’t be easy as it looks like, so, if you want to get rid of all these problems, then, avoid places where there is a lot of properties that are being rented, it’s always better to find a home where every neighbor is the owner and lives there. Thus, neighbors care about their homes and never allow a stranger to cause issues to others which builds a strong community.

That being said, not all the tenants are bad, it’s only a small percentage and that should not be an idea, it’s just for safety reasons.

Final word

By using the above ways, it will be easy to know exactly who a neighbor is, and get names, contact details, etc… But please keep all the searches you make private and respect the privacy of your neighbors, it’s not possible to know for real if a residential area is safe or not without doing an online search, but also, the data should be kept secret confidential.

To avoid all issues when moving to a new home or apartment, people can send a “hello” message to their neighbors and introduce themselves, which can make strong connections, and who knows, someday, a neighbor can save the lives of others when bad things come in. We remember all the catastrophes like earthquakes, wildfires, etc… The more people you know in your local area, the better for the community.

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