How To Know If Someone Has An Onlyfans Subscription

Onlyfans is a social network where users can obtain a subscription to take advantage of “creatives'” content. The material can include direct messages, merchandise, live or even recorded videos and images. 

The site appears to have parlayed into a focus on “NSFW” content, with users paying fees for subscriptions that will provide adult content.

Because of the sort of material presented, the site is not available in a mobile app capacity but using a browser with appropriate devices. You can treat it like a mobile app if you save the webpage to your mobile device’s home screen to establish an icon.

Not all of the content is sexual in nature. Many creatives use the platform in a sort of marketing or professional capacity. That means not all users go on to take advantage of the explicit content.

That being said, if your partner is using Onlyfans while in a relationship, then, that’s a red flag if they browse videos and photos of users a lot.

But now, how to find out if your boyfriend, husband, or anyone else has an Onlyfans account just like searching Tiktok and other social platforms?

How to find someone on Onlyfans

Onlyfans is a site where anyone can share personal content of any sort and request a fee for fans to gain access to the creativity. These can be vlogs, tutorials, direct messages, images, and on. The site has become most known for its adult content.

The platform is relatively new, originating in roughly 2016. But has grown considerably with users favoring the network despite users having to pay to view the content they want to see. But it hasn’t seemed to dissuade people from participating.

The search capacity, however, with the social media site is tricky, causing complications for people who hope to find other users’ profiles. If a creator wants to advertise their profile, these individuals will advertise with a dedicated link on other sites for their audience to be able to access. 

But not all users want people to know they’ve established an account. If you happen to be looking for a creator on a broad spectrum, there are three approaches:

  1. The Onlyfans platform
  2. An independent tool
  3. Reddit

How to find someone on Onlyfans with a username

As with most platforms, a basic search to find a profile uses that individual’s username. If you’re familiar with a creator having access to their platform user name, finding their profile on the network is simple without the need to even browse through the site. All that’s necessary is this username infused into the URL.

Suppose you’re uncertain about the username since many people alter these from one network to the next. The best option on this platform is to attempt to use the username you know or a variation and allow the system to bring up all the potential matches. 

Onlyfans is limited to these options for profile searching. From this point, you would need to check out third-party solutions.

How to find someone on Onlyfans using the email method

If you have the person’s email address, there is another method to checking on Onlyfans:

  1. Bring up the browser
  2. Go into Onlyfans
  3. Choose “creating an account”
  4. Use the individual’s email you want to check on to move forward

Once you input the email, you will either get an alert that the account was successfully created or the request is being denied. When it was successfully completed, there was no existing account with that email address.

Denial means the email exists in the Onlyfans system for another person’s profile. So you can’t create an account using the same one.

How to find someone on Onlyfans using a third-party method

If you’d like to find someone on Onlyfans without a username, then, try this technique. In fact, Onlyfinder is a third-party method acting as a solution for people hoping to locate a user’s profile on Onlyfans with the greatest level of convenience. This resource is a specific tool to help people find others on the platform.

It considers variables like distance, location, names, keywords, maps, and on, to narrow the search more efficiently. Let’s look at each variable individually.


Launch your browser and go into the Onlyfinder platform, where you will then click to use the Map selection. When the page launches, you’ll receive an image reminiscent of “Google Maps,” from which you will locate the appropriate city and tap on that name for the site to generate your leads. 

There will be a list of established creators operating from this area for you to browse to find the one you’re looking for.


If you’re not great with maps, you can instead choose to do a location search without the maps. After opening the platform, you’ll locate the search bar and type in the word location followed by the city’s name. 

The platform will bring up accounts that generate from that city. You can then browse until you find your specific profile. But this option only works if the individual you’re looking for has their profile set with a location.


The searching feature in Onlyfinder is quite comparable to that of the one with Only fans, but there’s a great deal more flexibility. You could say the feature is much more advanced and focuses on relevant results that you can count on. 

With this tool, an “image” tab allows a much simpler way for locating the individual, although not entirely promising. The search bar should not discourage, however. 

Once you enter the platform and input a keyword, the list generated will be random, and the keyword method deems a time-consuming option compared to the other techniques.

One thing to remember is it doesn’t cost anything to search for another person using Onlyfinder. But you will need to have your own Onlyfans account in order to look through the platform.

While you can locate someone’s profile, though, in order to look at the content they create, you will need to pay for the subscription. If you use Onlyfinder to search, you don’t need to create an account. You can go directly onto the platform and begin a search without any hassles.

Can you find someone with their phone number on OnlyFans?

Some tools offer multiple search options like TruthFinder and InstantCheckmate. So, make sure you try their platforms if you want to find someone on Onlyfans by phone number indirectly. It would be best if you found out if they have other social accounts first. Next, look for any username that person uses.

After that, search for that newly discovered username directly through OnlyFans. That’s the secret of this fantastic search technique. It doesn’t tell you directly if your spouse has secret OnlyFans accounts or subscriptions. But it helps you to investigate and search for possible accounts that are kept hidden on Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, POF, and many more sites.

By doing this search through the phone number, you could get all of the possible platforms where your partner has a subscription even without their knowledge.

Onlyfans users use the site anonymously

The suggestion for creators who prefer to remain anonymous and protect their privacy is that you make your profile as separate from who you are in real life as possible. 

Most of that is because of the reputation associated with the site for being related to sex work, a taboo topic with the potential for damaging reputations.

For this reason, many people prefer to keep their private affairs to themself, and this is also why some creators will use aliases and unique emails when doing business on the platform to avoid the stigma that could tarnish their own creative process.

Privacy is only secured from the public and other users; however, because there is a stringent registration process, the site will know precisely who you are. As discussed here today, if a user or the public wants to find you badly enough, there are ways.

Also, if you’re a consumer who purchases content or subscribes to someone’s creativity, the only payment method is via credit card. 

Paying anonymously is not possible, for instance, if you want to use a cryptocurrency or other option that has little capacity for being traced back to you. These purchases will show up on your account statement.

Bank statements will specifically indicate entries showing that payments have been directed to Onlyfans. There will be no attempt to mask the platform identity on official financial documents.

You can anonymously follow people and choose only to gain access to the free material that the creators offer. That will limit your exposure tremendously.


The primary reasons people look for others on Onlyfans seem to be mates looking for partners engaging in what they feel is inappropriate behavior. Is perusing the creative content of sex workers considered cheating? It’s unclear. 

There are so many forms of cheating with technology being as it is today.

It seems some people consider their boyfriend or perhaps a girlfriend watching NSFW material a betrayal. Others see it as a tool they can use to strengthen their intimate relationship. 

The activity helps to release any possible inhibitions someone might have and allows much more freedom in the bedroom. Unfortunately, often mates turn to sex platforms because they’re afraid to express their desires in the bedroom and speak about personal fantasies.

But what does the one doing the searching hope to gain by finding out their boyfriend or girlfriend is subscribing to content on Onlyfans? 

Perhaps instead of the use being detrimental to the relationship, the mate can check out the platform with their significant other to see what’s involved and precisely what’s being paid for. 

Maybe your partner isn’t looking at a creator with sexual content but instead has business colleagues on the site. It’s not strictly an adult platform. 

Unfortunately, with that being its primary “label,” people are concerned for their reputations, worried about their romantic relationships, and afraid for their professional standing. 

Boyfriends and girlfriends certainly aren’t giving the benefit of the doubt. They believe their partners are doing wrong. If a mate has such little faith, it’s no wonder you fear what the remainder of the world will think.

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