How to Unblock YouTube Videos and Bypass Country Restrictions

Want to unblock YouTube videos in your country? And you got messages from YouTube that the uploader made a restriction to watch the Videos? So, read the complete guide. We’ll show you how to bypass the country’s restrictions on YouTube and watch videos, series, and movies from your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop. In addition, some options allow you to get access to your best series on Netflix and live streaming services in the US and from other countries.

Unblock YouTube videos on your smartphone

This is the best option, and it guarantees success. It doesn’t matter if you need a Video from YouTube or a website; with a secure and well-configured VPN service, you can bypass all the limits. News websites and YouTube have restrictions because of media laws and such things.

So, they may block access to videos and content from specific countries. Here are the best VPN services to watch any YouTube Video and bypass the regional limits.

1. NordVPN

This is a good VPN service with double encryption. Yes, that’s true; they encrypt your connection twice for more security and total privacy. In addition, they have super-fast servers, which allow them to serve millions of customers without thinking about bandwidth and limitations. You get a super-fast streaming and Internet connection. However, you need a stable network, of course, to benefit from that.

Also, NordVPN is largely used among Internet workers who need access to services worldwide with no limitations.

This VPN accepts payments through Bitcoin and allows P2P access, and you can cancel anytime.

2. ExpressVPN

This is a trusted and fast VPN provider you can install on Android, iOS, or use on your laptop. The difference with this service is their excellent features like the high level of encryption, blazingly fast servers, and of course, the customer support.

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The tool protects your privacy where you go online. So, no one can track your IP, and that’s for anonymous web surfing. Also, it makes everything fast and user-friendly.

You’ll find a lot of good VPN services for YouTube and social networking sites. However, a few of them offer unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions on downloads like this one. Indeed, you can download almost any content from any website without sharing your real IP address.

The service offers real offshore privacy protection, and they have over 148 VPN locations worldwide to choose from.

Also, we like their VPN kill-switch feature. It’s a way to change the location of the server if the actual connection is slower than usual. So, don’t worry about VPN speed anymore with this great company.

To unblock YouTube videos from any country, including the US, make sure to find where the Uploader of that content is from. Or just read the description if it’s available to find the origin country. Next, activate your VPN and select that country from the list. That way, you’ll unblock the video and watch it without issues, and even better, the videos will be accessible through a faster internet connection.

3. SecureVPN

This is another great VPN and mobile security app with military-grade security. It works well, and you can compare it to other apps claiming that they’re secure VPNs. This one secures your Wi-Fi hotspots like no other tool does. In addition, it lets you bypass almost any website restriction and sees it from your preferred country.

4. CyberGhost

If you see messages from YouTube telling you about region restrictions like the following one, then you should use a VPN software to unblock these Videos easily.

The Uploader has not made this video available in your country

We tested different VPN applications, and the one that worked well is CyberGhost. With this trusted VPN service, you can select from which country you want to surf online and watch YouTube videos, series, and movies on your iPhone or Android device.

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The region restriction made by YouTube channels can be bypassed with one click. So, if you’re in Germany, for example, and you want to watch your favorite American series, then you’ll be blocked from watching them. 

So, the solution is to install this recommended VPN and watch the Videos from a US IP address. That’s exactly something like you moved your IP to the US virtually just to watch that video.

In addition, you can change the country and choose from dozens of options and servers worldwide.

We noticed these restrictions also in the UK, where you can’t see content from the BBC or other big news sites. So, you have total control over where you access the Videos and see them as anyone else from allowed countries.

This great multi-device VPN tool works on Android, iPhone, and also on laptops. However, in today’s world, millions of smartphone users access the Wi-Fi network and use it where they go.

Change your country in YouTube settings

This is not always valid, and it can’t work all the time. YouTube allows you to change your country, from where you watch the Videos. However, that’s only for showing you related Videos the company thinks are suitable for you.

Sometimes, YouTube users may restrict access from some countries to prevent users from watching their videos. So, you can give this option a try. It can work, but for a small number of Videos. That’s why using a VPN service like the above ones is the best way to access these blocked videos.

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Do online VPN or Proxy work?

There are many VPN services that you can use online, and also others that have proxy servers worldwide. However, don’t waste your time with them; they don’t work simply. A secure VPN is much more secure and it can hide your IP and let you choose from where you access websites and unblock YouTube videos. 

Also, a good VPN won’t make you locked out of your social accounts because you used a spam IP. However, I do recommend getting a dedicated IP address if you want to stop dealing with spam issues and many websites. In addition, many users on social media got their accounts disabled for no clear reasons. But in reality, that’s because they used the same IP address that scammers have been using on many websites.

With an online VPN, you can access the sites by just typing the URL address. Unfortunately, it’s a waste of time, and they do nothing more than make promises, especially for serious privacy. The only way to have an acceptable level of privacy and surf the web and Youtube anonymously is by using a good VPN from the above list we recommend.

We hope you liked this article and you learned how to unblock YouTube videos that you can’t access from your actual country. If you tried other ways and they worked for you, you can add them to your comment. That way, everyone reads more and gets new ideas. If the tool you tested works well, we’ll add it to this list of best VPN tools to unlock websites and YouTube Videos.

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