Why Would A Man Hide His Relationship on Social Media and Real Life?

Are you dating a guy that keeps hiding your relationship on Facebook, Instagram, and in front of others? Have you ever wondered why your boyfriend would hide his relationship and instead, he never show you love publicly or introduce you to his friends and folks? Does he always delete anything you post on his social media accounts and avoid appearing related to you?

To tell the truth, this doesn’t look good at all. This looks like a private relationship. First of all, this can affect you badly and can create insecurity problems for you. Therefore, make you question yourself if you are worth loving. Second, no man would keep his relationship a secret unless he’s not honest with you, and he’s just playing around. After all, who knows if the guy is already hiding other girlfriends?

That’s why we tried to find out the most logical reasons that would make any boyfriend hide his love. So, here are the most known reasons that could lead a man to keep his relationship with you secret in real life, and also on social media.

Reasons for keeping a relationship secret

1. He’s married

To be truthful, no logical reason makes a guy hide his liaison with a woman unless he’s already married or he’s dating another girl. So, if your boyfriend is refraining from dating you publicly and depriving you of the joy of showing your love to everyone you know, then he’s afraid for sure to be caught cheating by phone or in other ways by his wife or girlfriend.

In brief, you’re the other woman that he’s fooling around with. And your boyfriend is not ready to lose it all for your sake.

2. Your boyfriend wants to take things slowly

If you and your boyfriend are still at the beginning of your relationship, then maybe he wants to get to know you more. So, he wants to see if things would work out between you two. Hence, the guy probably wants to ensure that you’re on the same page as him.

In this case, you can make him text you more. Just make sure you understand your crush over text messages if that’s what he prefers.

So, he’s keeping your love life private, which means that you are also looking for a serious relationship, not just fooling around. Also, that could mean he’s hiding his feelings, and he wants to take time thinking about many things in your future. Thus, your boyfriend is waiting till your bond becomes solid, so that he can announce your relationship publicly.

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3. He doesn’t want people to think you’re a rebound

When the man you love hides your relations, that’s probably because he has recently gotten out of a relationship. Then, soon after you both met, you clicked instantly. In this case, he doesn’t want to make it official yet. That’s probably because the man fears that his friends and family would think that you’re just a rebound that he’ll leave as soon as he gets over his ex-girlfriend.

Thus, by keeping your relationship a secret, he’s trying to protect you from getting hurt. But when the time is right, he’ll make it public. Or else, the guy will be okay for you to introduce him as your boyfriend to your parents.

4. The guy is ashamed of you

When we love someone, we tend to show them off to everyone we know. Consequently, we’ll be totally fascinated by them, mentioning them in every topic, talking about them non-stop, and dragging them around to every place we go. Nonetheless, if your boyfriend refuses to go out with you in public, or he never lets you meet his pals and parents, and always insists on meeting up with you in his or your place, then, he’s definitely embarrassed by you.

In short, your crush is ashamed of you and thinks that you’re not good enough for him. That’s why your boyfriend never takes you out, and that way, the man hides your relationship.

5. Your boyfriend wants to keep his options open

If you always ask your man to make it official that you’re dating. But he keeps telling you that it’s still not the right time to do so. Then, this is a red flag; your boyfriend hides other things and not only your relationship and wants to see other girls, probably the man has dating profiles on many apps like Tinder, POF and social media apps. In fact, his behavior is truly shady because no decent man will make his woman beg him for such a thing.

It’s evident that your precious lover wants to show that he’s still available in the dating pool. In other words, the man is hiding your relationship so that other girls can see him as free for dating adventures. He could also be hiding a phone number and other accounts on Instagram, Facebook and more.

This is unfair to you, and you should ask him to be honest with you. So, you man should tell you why he’s keeping your relationship secret even if you’re dating for 4, 8 months, or even longer. So, if he’s truly serious about you, he should prove it, or he should leave you for good.

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This is often happening at the workplace. So, if the guy is hiding his feelings at work, then, probably, he doesn’t want to lose chances with other girls. He’ll act like nothing is there between you. And when he finds another girl, he’ll just leave you for her.

6. He thinks he can do better

One of the main reasons that your boyfriend is avoiding making your relationship public is that he thinks you’re not good enough for him. As for him, he believes he can do a lot better than you. And you’re not the one he wants to be seen with because he’s obviously embarrassed to be seen with you.

Indeed, your boyfriend is just using you to fill his emotional void. Then, the moment he finds someone else “better than you” (according to his twisted mind), he’ll disappear from your life for good.

But don’t worry, he doesn’t deserve you or deserve anyone else. Being secretly in love with someone for legitimate reasons is not bad. But once you notice that your boyfriend is using you, then, he’s not for you. There is no reason why a man would hide your relationship if he’s not taking you seriously.

7. The man could be insecure about your relationship

Your man hides his love for you in front of others because he could be dealing with insecurity problems. Consequently, he wants to keep your relationship for himself for fear of losing you. Indeed, some people want to keep their relationships private. So when they get dumped, people won’t know about it. Then they’ll save themselves the humiliation and the pity.

Other than that, guys, just like ladies, may prefer thinking a lot after a divorce, which means there are a lot of ideas that are not ready and clear in their minds. So, your boyfriend may need some time to tell his family and friends about your new relationship and even celebrate it.

8. Your crush still has feelings for his ex

Another plausible reason that explains your boyfriend’s behavior of hiding the relationship is the fact that he still has feelings for his ex-wife or girlfriend. Accordingly, the guy will try to hide the relationship on Facebook, especially because he still has hopes that he’s going to get back together with his ex.

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Thus, the man wants to keep things secret with you. So the moment his true love decides to take him back, he’ll leave you and jump into her arms.

For that man, you’re just a distraction, a tool that keeps him busy, and a way to fill his emotional void. That’s another reason in your boyfriend’s mind for keeping a relationship secret. But it’s all the way wrong; after all, why do you want a boyfriend like him? I don’t think you need someone who loves you and dates girls at the same time.

9. He’s afraid of losing you

Believe it or not, some guys prefer to keep their relationship secret for some reason. That’s because they believe that the moment his girl meets his friends, maybe one of them will snatch her away from him. Even if your man is in love with you, he’ll not risk losing you for any reason.

As a matter of fact, he might think so, especially if his pal has a reputation for doing that or he probably went through a similar experience. So, your boyfriend doesn’t want to go through the same pain again. It’s possible that you don’t like your boyfriend’s friends or vice versa. That’s why he’s hiding the relationship.

On the whole, the guy wants to protect and keep his woman for himself. And here comes your role in talking to him and reassuring him that you are only interested in him. You need to talk to your boyfriend and tell him that he’s the one you want no matter what. Then, accelerate things and show you crush your goodwill to introduce him to your parents and family. Then, see how he reacts.


To conclude, these are the most logical reasons for your boyfriend to keep things secret and tell others about you. The only way to know what he’s up to is to simply talk to him and find out what he’s planning for you in the future. So, if he seems unsure about you and it’s pretty obvious that he’s just fooling around with you, then don’t think twice.

You may leave him because no one has the right to make you feel unimportant in a relationship. But if he means good, you should talk it over and solve this issue that’s bothering you.

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