Protecting against a dangerous email

How to Check if Emails are Suspicious and Safely Open them

Millions of people use popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. But in many cases, suspicious emails contain attachments, links, images, or other types of files. Now, when it comes to security, the challenge here is how to know if that is phishing or legit, and what you can do to safely open messages … Read this

Protecting the personal data online

How to Protect your Personal Information Online and Keep Data Private

We’re in the new world of social media, millions of websites, apps, and so on. This, it’s a real challenge to keep our personal data private online. In this guide, I’ll show you the tips and tricks to be safe and also, to prevent cybersecurity threats, identity theft, and more because of giving others your … Read this

Verify phone numbers

How to Verify Someone’s Phone Number and Know if it’s Legit or Fake

Are you having problems locating or verifying a person’s phone number? Do you think you got the phone number right? Technology, cloud services, and more have to a large extent helped to eliminate the need to store a database of contacts, emails, and phone numbers locally. But we could sometimes still remain stocked with storing … Read this