Can you See If Two Instagram Accounts are Linked?

Creating multiple accounts on social media is not new. Millions of people in the US and across the globe have more than one profile. So, what if someone has many profiles? Can you see if two accounts on Instagram are linked to each other? Or will you need specific tools to find the truth?

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can verify if two Instagram accounts are associated. By following my tips and tricks, you should have a clear idea to find friends on social networks or even to unlink your profile from being found easily by others.

Now, the answer to this question is Yes. We can know if different accounts on IG are linked or not, by using the right search techniques as follows.

Seeing if 2 Instagram accounts are linked

If someone is not protecting their personal details online, search engines, apps, and social network sites can have access to their full name, email, number, and other details. Consequently, that allows others to trace those people online and find most of their pages, profiles, and sites.

So, it’s crucial to know how to make your private details well protected on the Internet with VPN solutions and more ways if you want to stay anonymous for good reasons.


The above tools work well for this, you can search by username, email number etc…This is not as complicated as it looks. Checking if someone owns more than one account on Instagram doesn’t need more than one of his or her contact details or name.

So, with a reverse username search engine, you can type that exact username you found on that person’s account, then, let the system find their other accounts on hundreds of social media sites and apps.

Username can be linked to many social accounts

The advantages of using username search are the following:

Lots of people use different usernames across social media with the same number. Also, they might have different accounts created through the same email address. So if all the contact details change, it won’t be that easy to trace their profiles.

Unlike contact information, usernames have more power when it comes to uncovering hidden accounts on Instagram and social media websites. But that doesn’t mean they should work in 100% of the cases, so expect a high success rate here.


Business accounts on Instagram can add the email address under the account bio or description with a button. Thus, people can contact the person behind that IG without wasting time with the search, as these users need partnerships to maintain their Instagram profiles active with posts and offers.

So that same email could be used on another personal account. That way, the person will own two accounts with the same email, one for personal use and another one for business.

An email can be linked to many instagram accounts

In addition to that, Instagram allows users to create up to 5 different accounts using the same email address and phone number. Thus, by searching for your own email address, for example, you may find your additional Instagram accounts with search engines that have private databases and dedicated algorithms for social networks.

Use the same email on 5 Instagram accounts

By knowing people’s emails, you have one of the best ways to search for other accounts on Instagram. You can just add that email to your contact list with any name on it to synchronize the contacts in your IG app later.

Their phone number

Add to that that a phone number can also let you see if a specific person has multiple accounts on Instagram with a few clicks. Furthermore, the number can show you the name of the person with different types of information. But of course, you have the default search feature on the app to find friends with their numbers or emails.

Now, let’s see how you can verify if someone in your contact list owns multiple accounts on Instagram or not and find them. First, make sure the person you want to search for on Instagram is already added to your list of contacts on iPhone, Android, or other devices.

IG accounts with the same phone number

Next, log in to your Instagram account using their app, and click on the profile icon. Then, find the “add” people button, and once you click on it, you’ll have the option to discover users from your contacts list. Otherwise, you also have the possibility to find users on Instagram from your Facebook friends, which is recommended.

How social media data is interconnected

There is no surprise when we talk about private data and privacy when it comes to Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and of course, the parent company Meta. The different platforms share more data about billions of users in all the countries.

As a result, when someone creates a new account on Instagram, he’ll add the phone number for verification, and the email also if that’s needed. So, whenever that user goes online, he leaves a trace that allows search engines to find them and indirectly associates all of their social media pages in databases.

How social media data is interconnected

Now, you may ask, but what if I have different accounts on IG with completely different phone numbers, emails, usernames, and photos? Can others find all of your secret accounts in this case? Well, the answer is yes, and no; here is why.

When you use different phone numbers and usernames on multiple Instagram accounts, you make the search complicated for people who want to find you online, especially when you use fake names. But your web browser, like Google Chrome, as an example, will know somehow that you’re the real person behind those different profiles.

In addition, your IP address tells social media like Instagram that you created two accounts through the same home network or IP address.

Consequently, even if you make it harder for people to uncover your different accounts on IG or Facebook, search engines, web browsers, and apps have different ways to tell if those accounts you create are linked to each other. But of course, most people are not aware of that.

Now, there is one more thing to keep in mind. There are a lot more hacks and data breaches than at any time before. According to some stats, in the US alone, there have been over 1000 data breaches in 2020, with 155 million records.

That’s not all; in 2021, there was a 17% increase in data breaches related to social media, websites, networks, and apps. So, there are actually more than 1200 different data leaks in 2021 alone, which is higher than anytime before.

When you think about these numbers, you can see that many apps, including Instagram, may have leaked data, just like Facebook and other companies. As a result, the details of users on these leaks expose data such as their real names, phone numbers, emails, age, and even more details.

FAQs about Instagram and creating multiple accounts

These are some frequently asked questions for creating additional accounts on Instagram and what you need to know about that.

If I add an account on Instagram will they be linked?

This depends on the strategy you followed to create your account. In other words, if you make a second Instagram account, your contacts will know about it when they search through your phone number or email if they’re the same. On the other hand, when you use different details on both accounts, it won’t be that easy for your friends to know that you’re the user behind these different accounts.

Your contacts can know about your other accounts because they can type your mobile number in the search box and find your hidden profiles easily. So, every time you want to add another profile to IG without letting your contacts know about it, make sure you use a secondary number, a different email address, and of course, another username and information.

Another thing to add here, if you already linked your Instagram to Facebook, then you might have some sort of “relation” between the two platforms. That adds more data traces, and search engines will find that. So, verify that you don’t have any link shared on your Facebook or other social media accounts from the Instagram profile you want to remove.

How to find out if someone has a secret Instagram account?

As I said earlier in this guide, it’s possible that a friend of yours is managing too many accounts on Instagram and other apps. So, when you need to uncover those secret accounts, you have different options to search with. First, I recommend starting with your friend’s first and last name, then running a full background search with one of the trusted services online.

These social media search services allow you to find multiple profiles without spending hours searching through Google or directly on Instagram. However, these tools are only valid for people in the US.

Thus, if you need to find someone’s secret Instagram accounts in different countries, then it’s better to use Google, Bing, and even type their username directly on social media and see if there are users behind them. That can work for checking if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or partner, in general, hides IG accounts.

If that makes no difference, then you have the email and the phone number if you already know them. These details can show you all the social media profiles that someone hides online. But for sure, you need to use a good search tool that respects your privacy and keeps your search history encrypted and totally anonymous.

Another option for verifying if someone hides more accounts on IG is to use their number on Snapchat as a way to add a new friend. By doing this trick, Snapchat will be used as a search system for that cell number on their databases.

Now, if you can see any profile on Snapchat for that Instagram phone number, make sure you look at their details. Probably, there is one post or information on that profile associated with their hidden account on Instagram.

Do the same for TikTok and see if that username is associated with someone else’s account here. Next, have a look at their profile information like description, and if you’re lucky, you may get their Instagram link directly through TikTok.

This is not always a good way to stop people from viewing your different accounts, especially on IG. The risk here is when search engines have already found the link between those accounts.

So there are probably databases of data that know about these pages. Now, if you recently added another account to your default Instagram one, you can unlink it and stop people from finding the 2 pages. So here is how to unlink them:

  1. Log in to your IG profile
  2. Tap your profile icon (the person’s icon)
  3. Tap “Settings“, after taping the options menu at the top right corner of the screen
  4. Now, you should see “Login Info”, so click on it (sometimes, you get “linked accounts”)
  5. Now, you’ll see your two accounts
  6. Just in front of each account, you’ll see the option (three dots)
  7. Finally, click on the options next to the account that you need to remove and validate

After unlinking one of your Instagram accounts, ask yourself if you already published something online on forums, Facebook, or on Youtube about that account with your real name. The reason for doing that is because when you remove the account from your phone logins, strangers may know about that by typing your name on Google and searching for your Instagram accounts.

So, it makes sense to search for every possible Instagram link that you’ve posted online about that account. That being said, unlinking 2 Instagram accounts doesn’t mean hiding them from the Internet or being 100% invisible online. Websites, social apps, and search engines may always find a way to link details to someone’s name or contact details, especially on social networks.


As you can see, trying to hide secret accounts on Instagram won’t be successful for everyone. So, you can find the link between two accounts when searching for a phone number, email, or even the full name of the user in question. Then, you have a Google search that can help you in uncovering those profiles.

On the other hand, sometimes people have the same username on Instagram and Facebook when the two persons are different. That means it’s not always true that when someone uses the same name across social media, that means it’s the same person behind them. For that reason, it’s always recommended to verify the details you find online before concluding that both IG accounts are linked to each other.

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