How to Call Someone who Blocked your Number: For Android and iPhone

In this article, we’ll show you how you can contact someone who blocked your phone number. It doesn’t matter if the number was blocked from iPhone or Android. You’ll find out how to fix the problem and contact people fast. So, some options let you hide your caller ID, and some others will provide you with other numbers that the person owns.

How to call someone from a blocked number?

There are many ways to call from a blocked number. However, we discovered some options that should work for all. So, keep reading the full article, then try these methods one by one and you’ll be able to call back, even from a blocked phone number.

1. Call him on a different number you can find (best option)

To call someone from a blocked number, you need to follow some basic steps. First, make sure that the person who has blocked your number is accessible through other ways. We’re talking about other phone numbers he has, and if you don’t know how to find their secret numbers. We recommend using this phone number finder tool.

In reality, you don’t have to use complicated search tools. That algorithm uses amazing techniques to find people’s second phone number that is kept secret and no one knows about.

So, instead of wasting hours of testing and trying different solutions, you have one that works. All you have to do is type in the search box, the number of the person you want to call and who has blocked your mobile number or other.

Then, click the search button, next, the software will search the huge database of millions of numbers, names, etc… Then, you’ll find if that person has another number you can contact him through. Also, you should have the option to find their name with that number, and that is only an extra search way to discover hidden emails, Facebook accounts, Instagram profiles, and more when possible.

Using a good phone lookup tool like the one we recommend should provide you with additional details to contact the person. So, in parallel with phone numbers, you’ll get other contact details including email, websites, etc…

2. Use a second phone number

This is an alternative option for those who want to use it for a long time. However, this option won’t work for many numbers. In fact, even if a second phone number app promises many things, it is still unable to completely hide your real number when calling. We tested a few tools and in many ways, the number could not be masked, and there is no exact fix for this problem.

On the other hand, using a second number tool may help you to call your Ex who has blocked your number or anyone else.

3. Call and hide your number on your iPhone

To call a block number back, you have an easy solution that should work if the person is not using a call blocking App. The reason for that is that if someone is using a call blocking app, even hidden or unknown numbers will be blocked immediately. So, there is no way to bypass these apps. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to call back a blocked number by hiding your Caller ID.

Calling and hiding numbers on iPhone

To disable the caller ID on iPhone, go to settings, then, click on Phone. From there, you will find a long list of options and settings, you need to scroll down until you find  “Show My Caller ID”. When you access that option, you’ll be able to use the toggle and hide your caller ID.

4. Call and hide your number on Android

To call someone and keep your number private on Android, follow these easy steps. First, access your Android call menu. You’ll find three dots at the top right corner when you click on them, you’ll access the call settings menu. Under the Android call settings, anyone can click on the Caller ID options and enable or disable it.

Even if this option looks easy, some phone operators and carriers are disabling this option, so,  if you can’t find a way to disable the caller ID, then, your phone carrier has disabled that for all.

hide your number on Android

5. Use someone else phone number

If you’re in an emergency situation, then, calling through someone’s phone number should be the first option. If the guy blocked your number, then, calling from a different phone will fix the problem and let you talk to him. However, this is not the best option for all.

So, if you want to call from a blocked number, then the person will still be able to recognize your voice and hang up immediately. For that reason, it’s recommended to pass your message in a few seconds to fix the problem. You can also verify the phone number before calling from it, who knows? That could be used on sam sites and blacklisted?

6. Call the person from a public phone

if none of the above solutions worked for you, then, it’s time to use a public phone. Like in the old days, calling from a public phone will help you to avoid the call being rejected. But again, the problem of recognizing your voice can be bad.

For that, make sure to tell the person what you want to say as fast as you can. But please remember, we don’t recommend calling a person who doesn’t want you to talk to him anymore.

7. How to call someone who has blocked your number using *67

The good thing about this method is that you use it for smartphones and even landline numbers. The code *67 lets you hide your caller ID when calling someone. Now, if you want to call your Ex, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or anyone, you need to add the code $67 before the person’s number. Then, call as usual and the person will see “No Caller ID” or “Private” number depending on his cell phone carrier and device.

The disadvantage of this method is that if the person is blocking unknown numbers, you may not be able to reach them. Lots of people prefer blocking spam numbers that are not visible,s and that way, it may not be effective.

How do you know if someone blocked your number?

If you think that someone has blocked your number on the phone, then, you need to verify that first. It could be a problem with your own smartphone or the person’s device that blocks all incoming calls. Of course, the person may not be aware of that, so the phone can block some numbers randomly for no clear reason. But in reality, the problem can be an app that blocks some numbers.

How to know if someone blocked your number

For that reason, you need to know how to know if the person has blocked your number. So, to get sated make sure you wait one hour or so if it’s not really an emergency. If you can see that the person has blocked you, then, after an hour, you’ll contact him without issues.

In that case, it’s not a problem of phone number blocking, and the person may enable the Do Not Disturb mode. So, the phone Calls Mode will work the same for all incoming calls. And that way, no one will be able to send even a text message.

This is how to know if your number was blocked, you need to verify these things before trying to call back. You don’t want to deal with legal problems in the end.

What happens when you call a number that blocked you?

If you call the person who blocked your number, you’ll get nothing as a notification in the majority of cases. However, things have changed and the situation will be different depending on cellular phone companies.

For iPhone for example, if someone blocked your number, you’ll hire no ring at all or once sometimes and then, nothing. On the other hand, if you call from a blocked number, you’ll hire nothing, and then, you’ll be asked to send a voice message.

The good news here is that you can send a voice message. However, it will be saved in a separate folder under “Deleted”. This is what happens when you call a person from a blocked number, he will get no notifications, however, he can find your voice message if he wants. The person can access all the deleted messages, and then, find your sent message.

This is how you can call back someone who blocked your number, there are many ways to do that. Some ways will work for you and some others will be limited to other carriers or even states. Make sure you try them and you’ll call back or at least send a message.

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