How to Find a Person by Full Name and Location

Now how badly do you need to get access to someone’s name or location? Getting details of an individual’s full name and location for whatever reasons could pose a challenge for some persons. But you just desperately need to locate the person’s details as fast as possible. So, what do you do?

Quite frankly, there are a lot of platforms online that promise easy access to a person’s details and location, but not all can deliver on such promises. Just like you, I have been in a situation where I needed an old contact’s details but could not lay my hands on them or have the slightest idea where to check. So, began my headhunt for his number.

Why should you need another person’s contact details?

The need for social interactions and ties has become even more pronounced worldwide. And a lot of people want to get in touch with old-time friends, colleagues, and more. Others want to make contact with their ex, prospective clients, and more, leading to the need to secure their contact details.

Fortunately, it’s not a dead end, as there are a couple of ways to get access to a person’s full name and other contact details online. Let’s see what you could do to locate the personal contact details of an individual:

What to do to locate a person’s name and phone number

Use advanced people search tools

There are many options, but only BeenVerified is what really works in the first place. Unlike other people search services, this one comes with sophisticated algorithms and technologies. With these programs, almost anyone can search for someone using his full name, address, phone number, email address, and more. So, giving this amazing tool a try will save a lot of time and effort.

You can also use the other search options like username and emails in the same tool. There are more ways to search people using their first name, last name, address, or cell phone number, of course.

Each search entry has its own web scanning technologies, and if one is unable to give you a positive result, you can try the other one, and you’ll get a report about the person you’re searching for.

Are you wondering what type of information you could turn out searching for someone’s details using Google? Well, for starters, Google has the largest number of persons carrying out searches per second online. It also has access to billions of databases to gather information from.

For searching for information about a person, Google has different strategies you could adopt to achieve locating a person’s full name and location. So if you understand how to use the Google search engine, then you just might spring up some wonderful surprises at last.

Where to start from with Google search?

Use Open-close quotation marks with names. To make your search query for a person’s name and phone number easier, you can place the person’s name in a quotation mark before attempting to search. Besides Google search engines, you could try out that of Yahoo and Bing as well.

Try reverse phone number lookup

Still, from Google, you could conduct a reverse phone number lookup to gain access to a person’s phone number. To use this service, you must know a bit about the persons, say phone number, to help route out more information about the persons.

Have you considered Google Map services?

If you could lay hands on a likely address for the person you seek, then Google Maps can help dig up more facts about the person’s locality. It can present you details about the neighborhood, full names, addresses, and phone numbers, a street view of the location with directions, business listings, website address, and more.

Have you thought about Google Images?

Google Images is a unique service that allows you to locate and use a person’s photo to deliver more information about the person.

Once you can locate or upload a photo of the person on Google, then it can scan and supply some more information as well as activities about the person online. You can readily get a person’s photo from their social media accounts and other such places to use in finding their full name and phone number.

Create a fake social media account

Whether fake or real social media accounts, that’s another brilliant way to go in locating someone’s details online. Most persons maintain one form of social media presence or the other. Some make use of professional social media networks. Others make use of the regular and popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

Once you can create a social media account, then a search from within the social media site can give you a more targeted search. However, you might be faced with some drawbacks with this method. And that can include how to note which platform the person might be on.

That means you end up signing up with multiple platforms. The other challenge would be that some persons might not use their actual name or the name as you recognize it on the platform. Some persons do opt for aliases when online, too, or own multiple accounts.

Third-party people search sites

Third-party search sites seem to be having a filled day, with hundreds of them sweeping over the internet today. But the good thing is you can get some reliable data about a person’s location and full name using third-party sites. Some offer full names, locations, and record details.

Others offer paid or premium services for more detailed and pertinent information about a person. Some of them include:

Over 20,000 companies, including the Fortune 500 companies, have accounts on Lusha. It provides an ample opportunity to spot email addresses, full names, phone numbers of prospective clients, and other more detailed information about persons.

Companies such as Intel, Dropbox, Cisco, IBM, UBER, Accenture, Google, Philips, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. make use of to achieve their information needs, and you too can start your search there. incorporates an innovative system for finding out a person’s details. When you need information about listed and unlisted phone numbers, locations, and addresses, then you might just be lucky with Zabasearch.


Even when Google misses details about a person, Pipl has a way of routing such information out by searching the “deep web”. It can deliver so much information about a person. You can get information about press mentions, real names used online, personal web pages, Amazon wish lists, etc. It also allows you to trim down your search areas to cities and more.

Zoom Info

Zoom Info is an excellent tool for locating information about a person’s work life and history, including contact details. So, it’s helpful in finding prospects for a sales call or a person for a job opportunity. With Zoom Info, you can get location details by narrowing your search by location.

With a site like Wink, you do not need to search for multiple social media networks anymore to locate a person’s phone number and other details. What you simply do is input their names or aliases and any further details you have about them. Even if it’s such information as the person’s name and interest, will pull up records about the person and deliver to you comprehensively. is a one-stop-shop that aggregates information from public records and other sources, including social media and popular sites, to deliver to you. It works using BeenVerified public records and more to ensure you get one of the best and most reliable details. But you might need to provide some details such as the person’s full name and the nearest location to help make the search more relevant.

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